Kim Tin GreenWood Joint Stock Company is a company member of Kim Tin Group, established on 2012. Our Company is specialized in producing and exporting wood products including home decoration shelving, wooden plaque and trophy, wooden components and modules of kitchen cabinets, wood cabinetry …

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Products meet Carb-P2/EPA standards
Products meet Carb-P2/EPA standards
Production </br>on demand
on demand
Respond </br>on schedule
on schedule
Reasonable cost
Reasonable cost
Various models
Various models

Wall Shelf

With the philosophy of "Sustainable development towards the future", the "American Home Décor" wall shelf product lines always put user-friendly factors first. We bring products with environmentally friendly industrial wood materials, meeting the CARB-P2 standards.

Cabinet and Components

In the present, the company is manufacturing and exporting wooden cabinets of all kinds in the form: Ready to Assemble (RTA): Ready to assemble, can be disassembled and adjusted conveniently. Suitable for all interior design and installation of construction units

Plaque and Trophies

These are the product lines associated with the company since its inception, up to now the company has developed with more than 1000 product codes of Plaque and Trophy of all kinds, including the main product groups as following:

American Home Decor

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